"Old Rochelle openly defy the glitzy Nashville machine with their sound, which not only harkens back to classic Hank Williams-era country balladeering, but draws from an incredibly wide range of other influences; folk-punk, maritime sea shanties, jazz manouche, zydeco, rockabilly, and even elements of bright, sprightly shoegaze." — Lowell Spin
    "A Zydeco-washed cross between Eels, Springsteen, and '80s-era Randy Newman<" — The Hippo
    "Old Rochelle have this odd mainstream-but-not-really-mainstream-at-all take on Americana." — If It's Too Loud
    "A contemplative, fresh take on country... Bucky Fereke is the new King of Americana!" — Roctober Magazine
    "Bucky Fereke launches a campaign of his own...that rides the skirts of Bluegrass, Americana, Country-Western and Cavalry...while blurring them all into a zesty musical stew." — Metronome Magazine

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         "Bucky Fereke is a talent without peer and deserves to be heard by the masses."
                                        — Metronome Magazine